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Тест на определение Вашего уровня английского
    Ответьте на все вопросы и нажмите кнопку отправить.
    Как Вы о нас узнали?
    1. Choose the right option
    2. Choose the right option
    3. Choose the right option
    4. Choose the right option
    5. Choose the right option
    Fill in the gaps
    In times of recession, people stop spending, which can have serious consequences for the economy. _________________, poor sales can lead to closures of some business.
    In this talk, I will outline some possible reasons for melting polar ice caps. ______________, it could be because of the climate change. Another reason is...
    Pets can have a calming effect on their owners. _____________, having a pet can increase stress due to the demands made on the owner to look after.
    Choose the word which means THE SAME as the phrase in capitals.
    The company is carrying out a SCIENTIFIC STUDY to find a cure for AIDS.
    The PLANNING AND PRODUCTION of the new computer system will take some time.
    Choose the sentence which DOES NOT mean the same as the key sentence.
    A hurricane is a very powerful rotating storm, also known as a typhoon or a cyclone. These storms can be huge, creating immense damage. These storms usually occur in America, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. A storm is usually classified as a hurricane when the wind speed reaches over 74 miles per hour (force 12). A hurricane is accompanied with heavy rainfall. The centre of the hurricane is known as the eye of the storm. During a hurricane trees can be uprooted, roofs can be blown off houses and windows can be broken. It is advisable to stay indoors during a hurricane. The UK does not usually have hurricane storms. The worst storm in the UK since 1703 happened in 1987. A violent storm hit Southern England with winds reaching 122 miles per hour. Technically the storm was not a hurricane but millions of trees were uprooted, roads were blocked with fallen trees and hundreds of homes lost their roofs.