Master IELTS Expert Course
Two month-course with all the essential skills to achieve a high score

Over 2000 students have prepared successfully with our course
Four reasons to join this course
  • Flexible Schedule
    You can study according to your convenience. Even if you miss live lessons, you will have access to them the next day.
  • Study with Ex-examiners & Certified Trainers
    Live lessons are conducted by ex-examiners and certified IELTS Trainers. All our trainers are either TEFL or CELTA certified. Together our experts have prepared over 8000 students. You will receive up to 8 essays checked during the course.
  • Unique Interactive Online Platform with AI Integration
    Apart from the live lessons you will have access to our unique platform where you will have weekly tasks. We are proud to say with the help of AI, you will receive immediate feedback on your answers for Listening, Reading & Grammar sections.
  • The Most Affordable Online Preparation Course in the Market
    You receive more lessons & feedback from our experts than any course out there. Our main goal is to make your preparation effective so that you achieve a very high score in your first attempt.
Course Structure
Our successful students
The results of our students reflect how effective the IELTS Expert course is
IELTS Expert vs Different Preparation Programs
IELTS Expert
Private Tutor
Group Lessons
Flexible Schedule
Special Grammar Course
Training with examiners
Compensation of missed lessons
Interactive platform
Mock Exam
Special Speaking lessons with examiners
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Duration of the course: 2 months + 6 months access to all the lessons on the platform
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✅ Comprehensive preparation of all four sections
✅ 314 interactive lessons with videos
✅ 16 live lessons with ex-examiners and certified experts
✅ 4 speaking mock exam assessed by an examiner
✅ 12 essays checked with detail feedback
✅ 8 live Zoom speaking lessons
✅ Mock Exam
✅ Special Grammar Course
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What our students say about the IELTS Expert Course
Swati Ravichandran
Overall 7.5
Thanks to the MasterIELTS team I achieved a 7.5 in IELTS. Before this course, I tried preparing by myself and I got a 6.0 overall and after joining the IELTS Expert Course I understood how much I had to learn and I found every live lesson useful and effective. Even with IELTS Listening and Reading, the step-by-step approach was very helpful.
Jasurbek Pulatbekov
Overall 7.0
MasterIELTS online is the best IELTS preparation course out there. It cannot be compared to the preparation courses we have in Tashkent. I would say I got more individual attention & quality feedback on my work. I really loved the way my trainer assessed my essays. I'm happy I achieved an overall 7.0 and got 7.0 for writing as well.
Zinaida Yoosufani
Overall 8.0
I was struggling with writing because I never knew how to improve my score from a 6.5 to a 7.0. First I joined Nash's free session and found it so englightning from the beginning. During his session he showed what we should do to increase our score in every criterion for writing. Then when I joined, I was overwhelmed by the quality feedback I received. My essays were checked by Olga and her comments helped me to improve gradually and I received a 7.5 in writing. Thank you MasterIELTS. I would recommend your course to everyone who wants to prepare successfully.
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